Catching Up: 135-148

Another weekend home from the Valley Of The Internetless Hills... so another weekend of playing cach-up and getting these photos posted. I am SO looking forward to getting back to my real life... 9 days. 9 days!!















August 12 of 12: Summerstock Edition

It may mean that I have to drive 5 miles to post, and it may mean that this is the closest I'll get to posting this week, but, its the 12th and I can't miss the 12 of 12. See all the other participants here. (12 of 12 is a monthly project started by Chad Darnell.)

I'm off at summerstock, 24 hours a day of theatrical construction and production... 9 am, off to work. That, in case you can't tell is the scene shop. That big round thing there on the right is a remnant of Showboat, the last show I designed here. It closed last week.

This week I am working on Hairspray, not that you can really tell but today's project is a television camera for the scenes at the tv station. That used to be the base of a kitchen stool, it's destined to be my handle for the camera.

Over the shoulder of the electrician as she wires up the "on air" light for the top of the camera.

More work on the camera. This is the one I am copying, by the way. Isn't it awesome in a 60's technicolor sort of way? perfect for Hairspray.

Lunchtime. One of the things I love about being here is the wildlife. Can you spot the wild turkey?

Some fun Tiki gods for the Har-de-har Hut scene. I love being able to paint stuff like this for my shows.

After dinner I head off the the next town over (can you guess the name?) to price some chain link. The closer places don't have the size I need, I'm hoping someone else will.

No suitable chain link here either... sigh... I'll have to find something else to make this scene work.
On the way back to the theatre I stopped off at this overlook. There was supposed to be a geocache here... sadly I think it was missing, but even in the rain I had to stop and check.

Back at the theatre the show (RENT) is going on. This is the view outside my bedroom door... the pit. Around here there is seriously no escaping the shows.

Act 2 design meeting in the costume shop trying to coordinate the set and costume looks.

On the way back to my bedroom I sneak a peek through the side door at what is happening on stage. (You can see some clearer shots here.) The "Happy New Year" scene a few scenes into Act 2.

And that wrapped up my day. See you all next month!

What I've Been Up To

At the risk of turning into a photo blog, you wanna see what I've been doing? First a few shots of Show Boat so that you can see the set in one configuration.

(Can you spot the components taken from the Broadway show?)

Now, the same set, after 36 hours of change over, drastically altered and moved 100 years into the future, (and to the East Village) for Rent. If I can toot my own horn for a second here, I think it's one of the prettiest sets I've ever done. The lighting designer and I accomplished some pretty great looking stuff, don't you think?

125-134: Catching Up Again

So, I've figured out what is going on with the web access at the playhouse. It isn't (just) that it is satellite based, but the company imposes bandwidth restrictions on us. We have a certain amount of bandwidth for any given 24 hour period. If we exceed that, then they tighten up the bandwidth flow to use, and essentially ration us until we balance back out. So for a 24 hour period where there are 10 to 15 people (to be conservative) accessing the internet, we are then rationed for days until we make up the difference. My phone is faster at that point, even with the crappy two bar Edge network. So once again I am stuck playing catch up while home for the weekend. Here we go...