Subway Sketches Part CLXXXVII

Okay... to counteract the "cat blogging." I'm putting in a more concerted effort to do more of these, I know a lot of you miss them. I do too frankly...

Ted Says "Aaaaah!"

I took young Master Ted to the vet for the first time today, to get his basic wellness check and tests, etc. The vet says he's 4 or 5 months old, which is a bit younger than I had thought, and weigh 5 and a half pounds. He doesn't have mites or worms, (though she de-wormed him just to be safe). He has now been vaccinated for rabies and... whatever else they get vaccinated for. And let me tell you... that wasn't pleasant. He was relatively tame through most of it but the shots were not a happy time. His meow is usually quite small and meek sounding, but he was hissing and yowling at being held down and poked with sharp things. Blood was drawn for lukemia and AIDS tests, which we'll find out about on Tuesday. And we made an appointment to drop him off on the 5th to have hills little harbls removed.

I also asked about the 'wool-sucking' behavior and she said that he SHOULD outgrow it. He's actually been doing it quite a bit less since he got settled in anyway, so maybe its not an issue anymore. Now that he's home and safe and happy again he's settled down and is right back into routine. Life around here is good.

October 12 of 12

Time once again for the 12 of 12, 12 photos to document my day on the 12th. This is based on an idea by Chad Darnell, and you can see other entries here.

I stayed over at Kid Flash's place last night, which of course means it was an early morning. (Not only is he an "early to bed early to rise" type of guy but he's much more responsible about about actually getting to his office by 9 instead of 9:30 which when I usually show up.)

KF's building super fancies himself a bit of a photographer and has filled the halls with large scale prints of photos from around the city, the Little Red Light House, Times Square, etc. but for some reason this one popped into the mix a few months ago. I don't get it.

My new work space. Since I went full time I got to move away from the awkward space I was working in before, (see it here, from July's 12 of 12.) Right now I'm working on a redesign of the set for a cable network in Washington DC that is about to go basic cable nation wide.

Lunchtime! This is Rainbow Falafel, one of the most famous falafel places in NYC. It is literally the size of a walk-in closet from anywhere else in America. Great falafel though.

After lunch I sort through the sample boxes looking for the right materials for my set. 3-form makes some AMAZING materials that are gonna look great on this set.

On the way home after work. The platform was abandoned but the train was packed for some reason. Bizarre.

Ted wouldn't sit still very long for me to take a decent shot of him. He's settling in very well and seems happy. He's finally stopped eating every single shred of food the second it gets put out, so I think he's finally past the street logic of finding food. It's good. He ate so much the first day he was here that he made himself sick. Twice.

I'm was hoping to get this cache placed on Saturday, but alas it wasn't to be. I found a couple good hiding spots, but it's going to take another day of work to get it placed for good.

On the way out to meet KF I finally managed to get a shot of Ted all settled in and sitting still. Isn't he the cutest kitty ever? None of these shots manage to show it but he's really a tabby, just with black on black stripes. When he is in sunlight you can suddenly see stripes all along his side.

I met KF and his best friend for some wine. That's my new iPod Touch on the counter. I LOVE it.

As part of his marathon training KF is running 22 miles on Saturday so we also stopped by a pasta place in his neighborhood to get him a high carb dinner.

Remember I told you that he was an "early to bed" type? Well... I'm off to bed too. Yes, that clock say 9:53.

Will Ferrel Rapes My Childhood... Again

First he destroyed any hopes of the Bewitched movie, (though to be fair he may have been helped along on that one from the script...) now he's filming this.

My dreams of Enok and Sleestaks, and pylons and adventure on the big screen are shot to hell. A campy and tongue in cheek treatment, yes, maybe... but "they made it very funny for Will" is not something I'm going to be interested in. Mainly because I'm not sure he's ever actually done anything funny. (Well... Taladega Nights maybe, but I'm not sure it was HIM so much...).

Haaave You Met Ted?

For months now I've been toying with the idea of getting a cat, possibly more than one. NYC has been going through a shelter crisis, and ... well... I wanted a kitteh.

I had decided while I was away that it was time to get this settled when I got home. Kid Flash was excited about it. Mark was excited about it... hell... even Mark's girlfriend was excited about it. This morning, after my first night in the city Kid Flash comes home from running and says "Hey, look who came to visit!" While he was running he spotted the kitten on the street, and it was friendly and loving and in need of love... so he came home with KF, and then home with me.

So now I have a new family member: Ted. I've named him after this Ted, not this one, (despite the joke in my title). KF is ambivalent about the name. I considered Creosote, and Sumi-E, and a few others, but... I think Ted is right.

He's probably a few months old, definitely out of the kitten phase, though he seems to have been weaned too early since he has a tendency to suck on my shirt, or a sheet whenever he is being petted or held. (Is that a habit to be broken, or left alone? The cat care websites seem to be split on it...)

I promise not to turn into a cat blogger. Though I guess this IS technically Friday Cat Blogging, and tomorrow IS Caturday...