Feb 12 of 12

I'm late posting the 12 of 12, (see the other participants here) and I apologize. Life sucks a bit right now and I am working to get some equilibrium, but I'll get through it soon enough! For now... let's see some 12 of 12!

See... THIS is why I hate snow in New York City. That's a 3' wide 6" deep slush puddle. Every SINGLE corner in NYC looks like this right now. It's hideous, (though the color in this shot is nice, huh?)

The bodega by my office is geared up for V-Day, in fact every other corner I passed this morning had some sort of Valentines display up. Gee... roses seem popular this year. Is that some new trend?

A little mid-morning snack at my desk. We got a case of honeydrop oranges from a client last week and we've been eating our way through them since.

Lunch! I actually ended up having soup, but the sandwich display was prettier.

On the way back to the office I passed the former Radio Shack down the street from my office. Yesterday it looked like this:

(Not my photo!) The whole neighborhood was sirens and traffic all day, not to mention the rumors and panic up and down the street. In the end it was a manhole explosion which happens with semi-regularity in the winter here (melted snow mixed with street salt, gets into the manholes, corrodes the electric lines, etc. etc.) though it usually isn't this bad.

After work I spot a tropical display... that like everything else around here is covered in snow.

I'll admit that in the right circumstance the snow CAN be pretty.

After work a quick run to the fabric store to scout out some stuff for a show I'm costuming. I was in a panic for a few minutes because my favorite fabric store was boarded up! Turns out it just moved a few blocks down the street though, thankfully!

While I was in the hood I swung by the theatre to drop off my purchases. This is the wall in the tech offices, the most inefficient hardware storage system I've ever had to deal with, but they like it, so who am I to judge?

After the theatre I'm headed uptown to meet some friends so that we can....

make-fun of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics (and drink a lot of wine). And let me tell you what... Canada delivers! From what I am given to understand from the opening ceremonies, Canada was created by a giant bear from outerspace, then destroyed by blue whales... right... so then they were invaded by tattooed kilt wearing tap dancers whose boots were on fire... got it... and a giant glowing vagina gave birth to the mountains near Vancouver and then there was promptly a war between the red skiers and the black skiers for dominance... but they were defeated by beat poetry.

Wow. I TOTALLY understand the history of Canada now, and I LOVE IT!

Then it was off to home, a minorly late night considering how much I have on my plate at the moment, but it was a fun time, and a nice way to end up the week. See you next month!