Unknown Character?

Well, the sketch cards that I did for the DC Legacy set have started turning up on ebay, though the person who listed the first of my cards doesn't appear to know his DC history very well. "Unknown character" indeed. Granted the Atom only wore that costume briefly, during his tenure as a Teen Titan, but still... it's not THAT different from his standard costume. Not so different that I wouldn't be unable to ID him anyway.

My View

While working in RI this week I am staying at a lovely little beach cottage on Lord's Point. This is the view from my window, (stitched together from several photos.) The downside is that there are two buoys out there somewhere that alternate between a boop every 30 seconds, and a ding every 20 or so. I'm sleeping with earplugs.

The Old Factory

Some pics of the factory that I have been building. Can you spot the pieces of the toy bulldozer that I used? I hacked that thing up and ended up using about 50% of it in the set somewhere. My favorite detail is the pile of unused gears in the corner under the stairs, (a good chunk of which also came from inside the toy). Check out my most recent 12 of 12 post to see the initial sketch, and compare it to the result!

1... 2... and....

They say that death comes in linked threes... three celebrities, three sports figures, etc. But the most recent spate of deaths are only linked through my own enjoyment of these people's works.

First it was Robert Jordan. I am buoyed by the fact that his wife has been his primary editor for decades now and he has made it very very clear to his fans that he had already written the ending of his series and placed it in a vault, and that she knows how the twelfth and final book in his series is outlined. I've read nearly 10,000 pages of his epic Wheel of Time series over the last two decades since it started, he had a tendency to meander a bit and I know that every mystery he set up is not going to get paid off, but still... I enjoyed his work and I'm sorry to see him go.

Today it is Brett Somers, a celebrity only to those of us deeply into pop culture. She was the star of one of the most subversive shows ever on television Match Game. Her only claim to celebrity was having been married to Jack Klugman but she kept up with some of the wittiest that the 70's had to offer and ruled from her position in the center of the upper tier of celebrity panelists with charm and attitude. She'll be missed as well.

So... who makes the trifecta?

Broadway on Broadway

You see that? That's the stage for the Broadway on Broadway promotional concert that played in Times Square this weekend. You see those banners that form the proscenium? And that graphic on the NASDAQ board behind them? I created that! I love my new job.

Subway Sketches Part CLXXXVI

Subway Sketches Part CLXXXV

I know that I haven't done one of these lately, and I think we both have missed them. Since going full time at my job I am traveling on the train at hours that are much more crowded than I used to, so I rarely get a seat. It is hard enough to sketch on a moving train, much less while standing. This week, working in Brooklyn though I've had an opportunity to get back to form. I don't know how long they'll last, but here they are for now!

12 of 12: Time Travel!

It's the 12th! And that means it's time for 12 of 12! This month I step back in time almost a year and seemingly repeat a day that I've already had. This is based on an idea originally by Chad Darnell, visit his blog to see entries from other people around the world!

So after almost 5 months of working elsewhere I am going back the film that I was working on earlier in the year to complete the last set. This is my bed with all the materials that I am packing to take with me.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Brought to you by the fine folks at the MTA and the attendants at the 145th st. A Station.

I arrive at the studio about 10:30. Looks, familiar, right?

A quick sketch of the scene that I am working on so that we can all agree on the placement of the items in the scene, and how they are all going to work together.

Some of the pieces under construction.

Lunch!! The leftovers of my falafel platter.

Djuna, (the director of the movie) works on a puppet head. BTW November 2nd is the anniversary of the day she's going to kick your ass!

On the way out of the studio I am greeted by the new scooter dealership around the block.

The evening sky as I board the train in Brooklyn.

And the evening sky of Times Square when I step out of the subway to buy comics. (It's Wednesday, that most hallowed of days New Comic Book Day.)

And ending the day just like I started it, at my home station.
The beginning of dinner, sloppy joes. So there you have it... another fabulous 12th in my life!


Yes, I plan to pre-order it. I probably will have by the time you read this. I wish it had just a touch more memory, but it has enough to hold all the music I currently own, so maybe that ain't so bad. The real draw here is the internet, anyone who knows me knows that I REALLY like being connected and this will allow that anywhere that there is wi-fi and in NYC, that's every city park. Not to mention every open network that I can find, which is quite a few. So pretty. So sleek. So THIN! Want, want, want! I am craving this object in a serious way.