Bar Karma

In case you aren't aware the last project that I worked on before leaving the firm where I spent the past few years was the permanent set for a new TV show called "Bar Karma." It's on the Current TV network, and they have described it as "Cheers" meets "Twilight Zone."

The basic concept is that if you're fate, or karma, is about to put you into direct conflict with the time stream... if some act you are about to make puts the future in harm's way... you might get pulled out of time and into Bar Karma, where you'll be helped to understand the choice you are about to make, and possibly dissuaded from it. Part of Current's format is that they pull a lot of content from the internet, current news, etc. so in keeping with that Bar Karma is being written by crowd sourcing the scripts. The idea is put up on the internet and the community at large gets the opportunity to not only critique it and suggest ideas... but to actually write the script. An interesting concept, no?

And... all the scenes shot in the bar? (about 80% of each episode.) Well... I designed that. Technically I, and Scott Tedmon-Jones, under the direction of Michael Hotopp designed it... but, whatever... that's my name on the credit scroll, damnit!!! Look at that! My first national level project!