Ted Says "Aaaaah!"

I took young Master Ted to the vet for the first time today, to get his basic wellness check and tests, etc. The vet says he's 4 or 5 months old, which is a bit younger than I had thought, and weigh 5 and a half pounds. He doesn't have mites or worms, (though she de-wormed him just to be safe). He has now been vaccinated for rabies and... whatever else they get vaccinated for. And let me tell you... that wasn't pleasant. He was relatively tame through most of it but the shots were not a happy time. His meow is usually quite small and meek sounding, but he was hissing and yowling at being held down and poked with sharp things. Blood was drawn for lukemia and AIDS tests, which we'll find out about on Tuesday. And we made an appointment to drop him off on the 5th to have hills little harbls removed.

I also asked about the 'wool-sucking' behavior and she said that he SHOULD outgrow it. He's actually been doing it quite a bit less since he got settled in anyway, so maybe its not an issue anymore. Now that he's home and safe and happy again he's settled down and is right back into routine. Life around here is good.

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