December 2009 12 of 12

The last 12 of 12 of the year! Welcome to the 12 of 12, Chad Darnell's photo journalism project, 12 photos to capture the 12th day of the month. To see the other participants check out Chad's Blog.

Most of today was devoted to Christmas shopping and gathering materials for various projects that I have underway. First stop was the fabric store in Chinatown, and the art stores that are nearby to pick up some balsa wood.

A lamp shop in Chinatown. I always wonder how little stores like this stay in business and keep their leases in today's market. Are they the store equivalent of stabilized rent?

Off to another section of town. (Not on this E train though... have to wait for the A.)

Something about these Christmas candles seemed so forlorn...

It isn't often that I catch a section of town where a shot like this is possible, with no other buildings cluttering the skyline. I loved the contrast of the building color and the sky color.

A bit around the corner and after two different stores, a moving LED advertisement that not only goes up the building but across the sidewalk.

Stopped off in Central Park on the way home to scout a new cache location, this is emerging from the subway.

Down in the park, twilight was just setting in.

A while later I headed out again. A friend of Kid Flash's was having a small birthday party so we went over to the East Village for that. In the subway station this family was drumming on plastic tubs. It was really quite deafening up close, but was an interesting sort of natural soundtrack from a ways away.

Spotted this refugee from SantaCon wandering around the subway. SantaCon is an illegal parade, 1000's of Santas and Santa's Helpers converge on a spot in town that is kept highly secret until just before the event. I was really hoping to bump into them this year, to get some shots like this, but never saw them. Turns out that there wasn't a start point in Manhattan this year... sad.

The birthday party was at an Ethiopian place. (A very dark Ethiopian place, which made it hard to photographs the actual food, or any of the interesting stuff, sadly...) It was awesome food, though the idea of no utensils certainly takes a bit of getting used to.

On the way back to the subway to head home, I do love neon.

And that's the end of the year. Thanks to all the 12 of 12ers for your readership, and your own participation over the last year. See you in the new year!

4 Response to "December 2009 12 of 12"

  • mamaciku Says:

    Oh...Ethiopian food. I lived in East Africa for many, many years and that is my comfort food. So glad someone enjoyed it-we have none in Western Mass. Too bad you missed the Santas and Elves. That would have been great to see. Very ImprovEverywhere. -Box of Treasures

  • AJo Says:

    Really liked this 12 of 12 set - interestingly varied! Especially the colors, and light effects.

  • Bec Says:

    I like that neon lights photo!
    Good question about the lamp shop... little shops like that are my favorite, and it makes me sad when they do close. I love love love that green lamp in the window display!

  • lovesmukiwa Says:

    I always love your pictures. Can't wait until next month!