Jan 12 of 12: 2010 Panoramas

Moving into my third year of the 12 of 12, (see the other participants here), sometimes it feels like I've taken the same photo over and over, especially when you factor in the Project 365 that I have been working on since last March. Especially when I am spending another day in the office... So today I decided to see if I could broaden the focus a bit, and find a new way to show my environs. Using Photoshop's "Photomerge" command I took several photos of my surroundings today and merged them into a single large panorama for each. Maybe it will provide you a stronger NYC sensory experience...

My home subway station, on the way in to work. This was 24 photos merged. Some of these merged more successfully than others, and I did very little tweaking beyond what Photoshop did for me. Most of the merge process was automated.

Stepping out onto 6th ave for lunch. (Check out a similar view from over 100 years ago, of the same building.) I would have been underneath the train tracks in that photo 100 years ago from my vantage point here. (23 photos)

Buying lunch at "Green Cafe." They have a couple locations in town, my favorite is the North Carolina Chicken Sandwhich, barbecued chicken and slaw on a kaiser roll. (15 photos)
My office space, for a few more days. One of my co-workers recently left the firm so I am shifting over to a new space as soon as I have an afternoon that isn't packed with other obligations. I'll go from working 10' from my office mate to about 30' but I'll have a faster, better computer, and more room. (22 photos)

One of the views that I know I have photographed more than a few times. The view off the fire escape at the back of my building. I come here a lot to use the phone, and to get some fresh air and be out of my chair for a few minutes. (24 photos)

The main area of my office. Long ago and far away when people in my profession made models everyday, and my firm employed 20 or 25 people (about 8 times what we have today!) this was probably a bustling area. Today it is mostly used for sorting the mail, and doing the occassional bit of photo mounting. (27 photos)
On the way out in the elevator. I wanted to test what Photoshop would do with a more confined space. Interestingly this was one of the panoramas that it had the most trouble with. (9 photos)

Broadway and 17th, on my way to the subway. It was a cold clear night in the city. One of the colder that we've had recently actually. (24 photos)

The office subway station. Pretty empty this time of night. (36 photos)

Back in my own neighborhood. Not the most scenic view in the world, I know, but it's where I live. (25 photos)

I stopped off for a jar of tomato sauce for dinner, and few odds and ends. Kid Flash tells me that the veggie mascot guys on top of the case to the left there used to sing and dance. I don't know if I am sad I never saw that, or happy that I don't have to live through it. (19 photos)

Home again, home again. I managed to get my entire family into this one. Both kitties, Ted over on the left (he's black so he blends into the window a bit) Sarah on the right, and there's Kid Flash in the front room. And there I am in the mirror. See my roman shades on the left there? I made those just before Christmas out of a Sari. I've actually made new curtains for most of the house at this point. Just the bedroom is lacking.

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