What the...?!?

Edward Scissorhands
, as a dance piece, at one of the most respected "art theatre" houses in New York City, The Brooklyn Academy of Music. What is the world coming to? This production is entirely wordless, existing purely in a world of dance.

I don't even know what else to say about it. It looks... well... it looks... awful. But BRILLIANTLY awful. I mean... look closely at this next shot:

Those are people. In shrub costumes. SHRUB. COSTUMES.

The mind boggles.

(Aside to Kevin: THIS is my Ghost Rider.)

2 Response to "What the...?!?"

  • michelle Says:

    does this mean i should return the artificial turf suit i bought you for your birthday???

  • Linda Says:

    I had to go to the site and watch the video clips ... wow. The shrubbery (which is, yes, in costume) DANCES. The whole thing looks very, well, unusual. And brave on the part of the his dancing partner, I might add...