An Electrical Update

Wednesday morning I met ConEd and the building electrician on my stoop on my way to work. I asked what they were there to do and the electrician, in very poor English, explained that he was there to cut my power. The ConEd guy realized what was being said and pointed out that it would be illegal for them to cut power if I still lived there, which I assured him I did. Several more phone calls between the management office and ConEd ensued trying to locate a ConEd operator that could explain to the Spanish speaking electrician what was happening, etc. At 10:30, an hour and a half late for work we seemed to have it resolved, so I left.

I told my office manager the story and she suggested that I go home early to check on things before management closed at 5. So I arrived home at 4:10 to find the electrician gone... and my power out. I called management who acted shocked that this had happened and they rerouted the electrician. By 6:30 I had power again but management said that the problem seems to go back to the original wiring in the building (It had been gut renovated just before I moved in and supposedly had all new wiring.) and that another electrician would need to come by and would need access to my apartment. So, I've been leaving my key with my super every morning as I go to work, but no other electrician has shown up yet. Not surprising really considering the state that the original contractors left the place in before I moved in anyway. I was given wonderful gifts like a whole room where the basebaords were leaned against the walls, but not actually nailed into place, and 4 different outlets that had no face plates and weren't attached to the wall at, just hanging by their wiring.

Regardless, things seem to be resolved... sort of. I am awaiting my rent bill next month to see what surprises that may hold.

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  • Proto Says:

    May have to break down, and hire a translator for the ConEd and building's electrician to wire your rooms from your meter correctly, and isolate yourself from the building's source. This game of 'who cares where it comes from, as long as it works' won't last.