Rain Rain Go Away

If you've been anywhere near a TV today you probably know that NYC went through its own little piece of hell this morning. A thunderstorm that dumped 3 inches of rain in less than 15 minutes. A tornado. Every single subway line shut down. Nearly every bridge or tunnel into or out Manhattan either shut down or jammed with traffic that it may as well have been closed. One of the big buzzwords after the bridge collapse last week is "aging infrastructure" and NYC's aging infrastructure failed a test this morning. I spent 2:30 hours on the Grand Central Parkway trying to get from my place to La Guardia, a trip that usually takes 20 minutes. That picture should explain why. Under that water is 5 lanes of highway that no one was willing to cross. (That car is stalled, and it doesn't really show in the pic but it isn't even pointing the proper direction.) It really was like suddenly being dropped into a third world nation.

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