1... 2... and....

They say that death comes in linked threes... three celebrities, three sports figures, etc. But the most recent spate of deaths are only linked through my own enjoyment of these people's works.

First it was Robert Jordan. I am buoyed by the fact that his wife has been his primary editor for decades now and he has made it very very clear to his fans that he had already written the ending of his series and placed it in a vault, and that she knows how the twelfth and final book in his series is outlined. I've read nearly 10,000 pages of his epic Wheel of Time series over the last two decades since it started, he had a tendency to meander a bit and I know that every mystery he set up is not going to get paid off, but still... I enjoyed his work and I'm sorry to see him go.

Today it is Brett Somers, a celebrity only to those of us deeply into pop culture. She was the star of one of the most subversive shows ever on television Match Game. Her only claim to celebrity was having been married to Jack Klugman but she kept up with some of the wittiest that the 70's had to offer and ruled from her position in the center of the upper tier of celebrity panelists with charm and attitude. She'll be missed as well.

So... who makes the trifecta?

2 Response to "1... 2... and...."

  • Anonymous Says:

    The death of Brett Somers is truly a great loss, the 70's are now officially dead to me.

  • Linda Says:

    Oh dear. I hadn't heard about Robert Jordan. I loved the Wheel of Time series, but it just seemed to go on and on, so I decided to wait until it was finished to read any more of it. It's so sad that he has gone, but good to know that he took care of the ending first...

    And Brett Somers ... good grief ... that brings back memories!