12 of 12: Time Travel!

It's the 12th! And that means it's time for 12 of 12! This month I step back in time almost a year and seemingly repeat a day that I've already had. This is based on an idea originally by Chad Darnell, visit his blog to see entries from other people around the world!

So after almost 5 months of working elsewhere I am going back the film that I was working on earlier in the year to complete the last set. This is my bed with all the materials that I am packing to take with me.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Brought to you by the fine folks at the MTA and the attendants at the 145th st. A Station.

I arrive at the studio about 10:30. Looks, familiar, right?

A quick sketch of the scene that I am working on so that we can all agree on the placement of the items in the scene, and how they are all going to work together.

Some of the pieces under construction.

Lunch!! The leftovers of my falafel platter.

Djuna, (the director of the movie) works on a puppet head. BTW November 2nd is the anniversary of the day she's going to kick your ass!

On the way out of the studio I am greeted by the new scooter dealership around the block.

The evening sky as I board the train in Brooklyn.

And the evening sky of Times Square when I step out of the subway to buy comics. (It's Wednesday, that most hallowed of days New Comic Book Day.)

And ending the day just like I started it, at my home station.
The beginning of dinner, sloppy joes. So there you have it... another fabulous 12th in my life!

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