The First Big Push

Well, that's it. I've survived the first big push. The first show is open. That one was actually not mine, I was simply a painter on it, which is why I felt comfortable taking a second gig (The Full Monty) that overlapped so much. From here on out the shows are all me from floor to ceiling and two of the three of them are monster sized shows. I'm looking forward to doing my own work. I love painting, and that magical moment of making wood look like... well... another kind of wood, usually... but I am am SO ready to start tackling my own stuff.

First however I am taking a few days off. Schedules being the way they are, with matinees, and childrens shows, and days off, and blah blah the carpentry staff will not even be touching my show until Saturday, so I am going back to the city for a few days of cuddles and roller derby before coming back to really get started.

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