July 2009: 12 of 12

Welcome back for the traditional 12 of 12. 12 of 12 is a project started by Chad Darnell, 12 photos each 12th day to document your day. See the rest of the participants here.

Even though I am "away" at summerstock right now I happened to be back in the city for the weekend, so rather than theatrical exploits you get the regular city stuff this time. I decided with this photo to theme myself with "clocks" this months. Kid Flash and I were headed out to run some errands, so this is where my day began. It was a slightly late start but considering that we were out to 2am last night at the derby game, not bad.

This one is actually a stopped clock, so I focused on the detail rather than the clock face. Right outside the 14t street subway exit, a former bank, and most recently a former grocery store, the building is currently empty.

Down the street a few blocks, to give you an idea of the time since the last clock was stopped. We grabbed breakfast at a diner first, apple pancakes for me, and a veggie omelet for KF.

After that the shopping begins. A new pair of shoes for me, some clothes for KF something to keep the cat away from the furniture... there was a long list of things we needed to accomplish. This phone was at the shoe store.

One of the more enigmatic clocks in NYC, it counts both up and down at the same time. The first 7 digits display the time. The last 7, in reverse order, count down to midnight. So at the time this was taken it was 13:33:11.3 and there was 10:26:48.6 to midnight.

After that we stopped by a local flea market and I grabbed this one, another stopped clock, but in stylish company.

More stopped clocks at one of the shops we visited. Interestingly (to me at least) all the clocks were set to 10:10. That led me to some researching, and indeed 10:10 is considered to be the optimum hand placement to showcase a clock! Though, some would ascribe more metaphysical reasoning to it.

Home again home again.

Time to start cooking dinner, tonight we are fixing a summer squash pizza. KF is in the kitchen prepping the dough.

KF's phone checking how long the dough has been rising. The picture is Ted on the day we adopted him.

Counting down the cooking time! Almost time to eat. It ended up being quite a tasty pizza, though our grocery store ws out of fresh basil so we didn't have it quite the most optimal fashion, it would only have been better.

The end of the day. Time to get these posted and get to bed. Tomorrow it is a long busride back up to the woods and back to my summer work. See you next month!

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