Summerstock: What We've Learned

So, I've been home two weeks. Well, slightly less than that, but still... I've had the time to digest my experience and to decide how I feel about the whole thing.

To begin: I've outgrown summerstock. At least, of that variety. 30 bedraggled and tired people busting ass to pull out a show every two weeks rain or shine. I need a summerstock of a more organized kind, with larger crews, and assitants, and multiple people for each job, instead of one person who kind of, sorta, maybe can do the job that he wasn't really hired for in the first place.

B: I'm rapidly turning into a grumpy old man. I brook so little nonsense these days, and I've started getting to that point where I feel like I can tell you what's on my mind, whether you asked me or not, and my social filter for such has also faded. Maybe it is living in the city, maybe it is being older, maybe it is just being generally crotchety, but I'm going to call you on your shit if I feel like I need to.

Third: Buddha help me, but I'm old. I have started to reach that point in life where a good night's sleep appeals more than a drunken escapade, and staying up until 4 am to paint a floor has real consequence. Not that I can't still do it, but more than a day or two in a row and I am really feeling the difference.

4: I like budgets. As good as I am at recycling and repurposing and figuring out how to make do (skiata ga nai!) I do like budgets. I have made a small name for myself at several theatres by being able to perpetually come in under budget by being able to use stock inventively, or pulling things off the street, or finding a resource, but sweet Christ on a bike having a budget is so much better. (the which I was reminded of by the total LACK of budget by the way.)

Lest this all seem negative the experience did reaffirm for me that I prefer designing theatre to my current job, and that I miss the give and take of the theatrical experience of working with a good director, or another solid designer who can supplement my own work in ways that I wouldn't have expected. It reminded me that there is still joy to be had there if I seek it out well enough. Plus I did have fun in the off hours.

1 Response to "Summerstock: What We've Learned"

  • Dingle Says:

    skiata ga nai!!!! Still use that phrase! Still have the t-shirt as a matter of fact!

    I hear you on the Summerstock thing. I am TOO old for those late hours and sleepless nights. Phew!