March 12 of 12

A little something different for my 12 of 12 this month, 12 short videos, 15 to 30 seconds or so... just little "moments of Zen" from my day. No camera movement or editing, just a sort of moving photo. 12 little appetizers. To see the other 12 of 12 participants check here at Chad Darnell's blog.

Something a little abstract to start off with... the way I start my morning every single day: the view out the window of my subway car.

It was a rainy and wet day in the city today, not a ton of people out. This is the corner just a bit down from my office. In two months we're moving to a smaller space, and I'll have a whole new neighborhood to photograph extensively, since I feel like I've just about exhausted this one!

The ride up to the office in the elevator.

A little fresh air break on the fire escape.

This is what I look at all day. Stretch this into 8 hours of designing, drafting, rendering, and you have my work day. This is a desk for a show that we are designing for ESPN. We designed a new studio space for them last year and they are adding a second show to the same studio, so a new desk to go with the new show.

Headed out for lunch. I didn't actually eat "street meat" today, though I occasionally do. This is a gyro and falafel cart a few blocks away.

Headed home. My day/week is over.

Waiting on a local train headed home, since I want to make a stop along the way.

Stopped off at 40th street on the way home. Andean pipe buskers in the subway station.

Just off the subway at my home stop. I like the romanticism of the swinging lantern and the blinking sign.

My typical Friday night, a Duvel or two for me, wine for Kid Flash at the wine bar around the corner from my apartment.

Stopped off for some Orange Flavored Beef and Baby Bok Choy with Garlic on the way home.

And that's what my day looks like. Hope you enjoyed the little experiment.

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