What A Year Looks Like

365 days, 365 photos. I started this last year on my birthday, and end it today, one year older and one year later. This is what they look like as a group. So what have we learned?

Well... I dislike photographing people obviously. Less than 10 photos in a year contain a person, and when they did they were usually obscured to the point of anonymity.

I like numbers. 12 photos where numbers were the primary subject.

I am attracted to the color red. 12 photos where red is the dominant color.

I spend a lot of time on trains of various types.

An object or subject in an otherwise plain field (like a wall) attracts me. 11 photos fit that description.

I clearly have some favorite subjects. 5 sunsets. 5 neon signs. 12 flowers. 6 lamps or lights. Most surprising to me... 3 wigs.

I took nearly identical shots of the Met Life tower on Madison square during nighttime and daylight. I did take two basically identical photos of the architectural lights on a building.

This was a good exercise in discipline for me, even when I was wasn't posting here I kept up with my photos.

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