Tonight, Your Weight Is...

So... I'm kinda chunky. I'll admit it. 8 years ago when I left grad school I was topping out at my heaviest weight ever: 215. In the grand scheme of America, not as bad as it could be, especially considering that I'm from the South... so... you know... fried. Yum.

I've never really had an exercise routine, unless you count PE, which I don't, for various reasons. I've had one of those sort of blessed metabolisms that meant that even though I didn't exercise, and I ate like crap... it didn't really matter. That was of course until I turned 30-ish, and like most people with that blessed metabolism my body threw on the brakes and I started taking on the pounds.

Grad school was a bit of a nightmare. Crappy hours, stress, and for some reason not a vegetable to be had. (Seriously, as an aside here to parents who have or are considering sending a child to UConn... have a look at the dining halls, the healthy options are fairly non-existent, and the local eateries are worse.) By the time I left I was fairly large.

New York City, by dent of being New York City helped me lose some of that. Just the massive increase in walking that was added to my daily routine meant that I I was back down to 200ish within the first year, and I sort of hovered there for the past few years. I've always sworn that I'd never let my waist size exceed my inseam (34) but for a while now I've been suffering from Dunlap's Disease.

In September I decided to do something about that. As I've mentioned Kid Flash is a runner. I've sworn, forever, that I'm not a runner. I've always said that the only way I would ever run was if something was chasing me, and even then it would depend on how big it was. I even warned Kid Flash about that when we first started dating, that he shouldn't ever expect me to run with him.

Turns out I'm a liar.

I've slowly been creeping up in weight again, owing to domestic bliss, or whatever... and something had to change. So I started the Couch to 5K program. The idea there is that anyone, no matter the basic fitness level, can do the program and within 9 weeks run a 5K. It took me about 12 weeks, owing to various events, but in December I ran a 4 miler (slightly more than the 3.1 mile 5K.) And you know what... I kind of like it.

The weather's turned bitter, and I hate the winter, which means that other arrangements had to be made... so last week I did something else I thought I'd never do. I joined a gym.

The good news though, is that my metabolism is up, and my weight is down. As of yesterday I weigh 193. A far better cry that the 210 I was at in September. And the morning gym trip has been great at "normalizing" my day now that I'm back to freelancing and setting my own hours. I went 4 days out of 5 last week.

If nothing else being unemployed a freelancer is doing good things for my waist line.

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