Ante Up

Tomorrow is the dark Monday for this show (we don't perform on Monday's because it is the day off for the actor's union, but every other Monday is load-in for the next show, so the tech crew works anyway, tomorrow however no one works) so tonight was also a night off. To celebrate a group of about 15 of us got together and played poker.

Now... I have played poker once in my life, and it was here last year. I lost miserably, and was the first one off the table. Tonight however I cleaned the house. We started with two tables of 6 and played until both tables were at 3 then combined the tables in order to play to a winner. I was up and down all night, a few times it looked like I was going to be the next one out, but I have watched a LOT of Celebrity Poker Showdown, so I knew when to be aggressive and when to hang back a bit, even if I was sometimes unsure about the order of the winning hands. It was a $5 buy in, and a few people bought in twice, so in the end the pot ended up at $70. We had decided in tournament style to split the pot 50-35-15. After nearly 5 hours of play I came in not only in the top three, but as the big winner! I went out in my final hand with a low straight A-2-3-4-5. I never really understood gambling, but it was fun, and I'm sure if there is another game I'll buy in.

In other news the bears continue to be a nuisance. The DEC has been out several times and tonight informed us that if they are called again, or if they are forced to "dispatch" the bear then the playhouse will be fined $1200 because our dumpsters don't have the proper latches and the refrigerators shouldn't be outdoors. Now no one is sure what to do about the whole thing. On the the one hand we don't want to be fined, but on the other there are at least two bears now visiting us regularly for snacks. What do you do?

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