Wet But Alive

Rain... and we're talking Noah quality rain here... for 6 straight days now. Everything is wet, including things we don't want to be. When the air is cool and the humidity is 100% paint won't dry. Did you know that? I do now. Here's another interesting fact for you: rain makes for an incredibly difficult load in weekend.

That's right, this weekend was our first full change-over (taking down the set for the previous show and loading in the new set for this week). And it SUCKED. Nothing was dry, not the paint, not the scenery, not the stage, not the crew, not my shoes, not... well... you get the point I imagine. I had rain literally wash the wet paint off of things I had just painted.

Somehow we managed to get everything done without drowning, but now we have no audience. You see 6 days of rain in a region that is mountainous and has more streams than I've ever seen in one place means flooding and mudslides. 4 of the 5 major highways that would get people to the theatre were closed today because one lane or another was washed out somewhere along the way. Over half of our audience cancelled for tonight's performance... and it's still raining.

I went to Wal-Mart tonight to purchase some boots and a poncho. Every pair of shoes I brought with me is either waterlogged or inappropriate for work (sandals). I'd prefer the hot sweaty summer of last year to this.

In good news, aside form the rain the load-in went extremely well. I don't know if it is the different crew, or the fact that I am better organized this year but we managed to get through with very little fuss. I had full nights of sleep on both nights. I had very little in the way of panicked running around trying to get things done at the last minute. There were of course a handful of stressful moments, but nothing major. I got through it all barely bruised. (And as an aside to Alison: Grumpy-Cully BARELY showed his face tuesday morning, but was predominantly absent.)

The next show is a little bigger, probably the biggest of the year really, so I hope that things will go as smoothly. We'll know in two weeks.

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