June 12 of 12

Well, I'm a few days late, but I had a pretty interesting day on the 12th, (at least for the people NOT actually in theatre) so I thought I'd share my 12 of 12 for this month. (Based on a project started by Chad Darnell.)
Tuesday happened to be the first day of tech for the first show this season. I was greeted right out of the gate by this. As you can probably tell the lights on this thing are supposed to go all the way across. And they DID when I went to bed. But at 9am... they didn't.
A brief meeting between the technicians and the stage manager to go over the shift plot. (Details of how the scenery moves during the show.)
11am finds me running over to the furniture storage shed to claim two wooden chairs that I had overlooked pulling earlier in the week.
Shima enjoys tech rehearsals too. Can't you tell?
The actors finally take stage at 4pm.
At 6pm this thing still isn't working. Where the hell do you get Christmas lights on short notice in the middle of June?
More acting. This isn't exactly my favorite show to be honest... but I tried to make it look pretty.
The sun sets about 9pm. The actors are still on stage. After 5 hours, (including an hour for dinner) we still haven't completed Act One.
More acting. This is one of my favorite pieces of scenery in the show.
On my hands and knees at midnight doing a few quick notes. (Technically the 12th is over at this point, but my day continues.)
The tech crew toasts the end of tech day one!
2am raid on the kitchen for grilled cheese sammiches.

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  • Dingle Says:

    Awww....makes me miss tech a little. ...just a little. Luke over the stove. Shima in her sweatshirt. Beers after tech! Mike programming cues. You running around getting things that you forgot! Ah Forestburgh. Thanks for taking pictures....they make me happy.