iPod Bonding

In another "Only in New York" moment this afternoon I witnessed one of the strangest exchanges I've ever seen. Sitting on the subway a stereotypically dressed black teenager sat down beside me. The train was just a little crowded and there was a fairly flamboyant gay guy standing in front of us. Both of them had their iPods out and were watching video of some sort. From the corner of my eye I tried to get a glimpse of what the black guy was watching, but I couldn't so I just went back to my book. He must have caught me trying to peek because he nudged me with his elbow and turned the iPod so that I could clearly see. There on the tiny screen was an orgy. He was watching porn. I just nodded and waved him off, like people living in the city learn to do with so many different people. Apparently though he wasn't satisfied with my dismissal. He reached up and tapped the arm of the guy in front of us, looking to share with him as well. When the gay guy looked at the screen he laughed and held up a finger in the motion for "wait a second." He fiddled with his won iPod for a bit until he found what he was looking for and then turned his own iPod to both of us (I couldn't pretend that I wasn't looking at this point) so that we could see the screen. There on his screen was a similar scene to the one he had been shown, only with all men. The black guy laughed and nodded his head and both of them went back to their own videos, satisfied with their exchange.

I repeat, only in NY.

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  • Penny Says:

    Having n, places and things I will probably never see. Keep it all going.ever been to New York I guess I wouldnt expect anything else! Your two subway drawings are very strong, although the woman in the scarf doesnt look very happy.
    I find your bits on the theatre fascinating