Want Some Cake?

Does this sound like you?

1) You are in New York City
2) You enjoy one or more of the following things:
a) Cabaret performances
b) Comedy centering around either washed up starlets, broadway in-jokes or gay sex
c) Two bitchy queens bickering onstage
3) You are free next Monday night

If that sounds like a description of you then I cannot more highly recommend anything to do to fill your Monday evening than going to see Cake Returns at the Duplex, starring Vinnie Costa and Tom Privitere. (On the full disclosure front Vinnie is a friend of mine, and one of the people that I regularly play geeky card games with.) The show is great fun, including lots of really funny Broadway style songs, and lots of bickering and play fighting between Vinnie and Tom. I had great fun at tonight's performance. The Duplex is hinting around that they may want Tom and Vinnie to extend the run beyond the planned two performances, so get in there next week and support them!

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