January 12 of 12

Continuing my style themed 12 of 12 entries I decided that for this month's that I'd stick to panorama style shots. (This is all based on a project started by Chad Darnell.)

Breakfast time!

Today was also head shaving day.

Off to the races. Today I am opening a new show, and I have to go do notes on the show I opened last week.

But first I need to do some laundry... Kid Flash and I are planning a busy weekend, so it's now, or wear dirty socks all weekend!

Katherine helps me with some alterations for the new show.

On the way out to grab a few last minute items I snapped this shot.

Backstage at final dress.

Notes for the last rehearsal, about 5 o'clock. The show opens at 7.

On the way to the OTHER theatre to catch up on notes there before they perform on Saturday.

Work, work, work.

Done! A nice nightime shot before I head home.

And one last stop, at the comic shop. I normally go on Wednesday's but I was too busy this week.

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