Okay... I've spent nearly every day since the New Year... working. And working. And.... working. In the past two weeks I've opened two shows. I designed both the set and the costumes for both shows. That's the equivalent of 4 shows worth of work.

One of the things that this means is that I've spent an inordinate amount of time in the various Salvation Army thrifts around town. One of the peculiar things about thrifting in New York City is that you have to know your neighborhoods in order to find what you are looking for. If you want men's clothing then 21st street is the best location for you (it's the closest to the gay neighborhood). If you need clothing for larger sized people you'll have to leave Manhattan, (I've never found a dress over a size 12 at a Manhattan thrift). If you are looking for anything that is actually vintage avoid the thrifts closest to NYU or SVA, (all the students will have bought the good stuff already). My favorite Manhattan thrift though is 46th street at 10th Ave, they ALWAYS have some highly surprising items. Because of their proximity to the fashion district they seem to get a lot of leftover samples from designers. Last week I bought 6 pair of pink opera gloves, just in case I ever need them. This week I've seen a dozen plaid girl's jumpers in various sizes and colors, (which I was dieing to use but it didn't fit either show, dammit!) and my favorite: several dozen powder blue floor length t-shirt dresses with open backs. Again... how can I use this in a show? Why am I not currently designing something that calls for this?! This week it also seems that someone with a collection of 70's polyester print shirts is cleaning their closet. THIS I could use. I bought several for my shows and a couple for myself as well. A great boon to my design.

Today I went in to discover a wall of dance pumps, several dozen pairs of about 4 different styles. I discovered that each style was labeled. The first had a name and "Robbie and Linda's Wedding." So... wedding leftovers I guessed. I looked at one of the other styles and found that they were labeled as well, but said "Robbie and Julia's Wedding." Huh. Robbie got remarried? Weird. Why would Robbie have kept all the bridesmaid's shoes from his wedding's? It wasn't until I crossed the room and found a rack full of black belts with silver studs and saw that they were all labeled with names as well that I put it all together and realized... somewhere in this thrift was a pretty large chunk, (if not all) of the costumes from "The Wedding Singer" which had just closed on Broadway over the New Year's weekend. I immediately went to the t-shirts and started digging to see if I could find the Van Halen t-shirt, but it didn't seem to be there. Of course it's possible that it hasn't been processed yet. I have to head back there tomorrow, and I'll probably look again. But really, where else but Manhattan?

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