Using My Powers For Good

For once my vaunted powers of coincidence have actually worked in my favor! As you know, earlier this month I opened two shows. One of them was written and composed by a couple of friends of mine who had worked with me at a summerstock for the past two years. I had seen this show there and encouraged one of the theatres that I work with frequently in the city to consider it for their season this year. Back when it was all arranged my friends had considered coming out to see the production, but time being what it was, and the unfortunate holiday timing of the opening I figured that it wasn't going to happen.

Skip ahead to this week. One of the actors had a small incident with a costume article that meant it needed to be replaced. I had shopped for it earlier in the week and headed down to the theatre this morning to deliver it so that I could see it on her and determine if it needed any quick alterations, or what-not. When I arrived I discovered my friends, the authors, standing in the lobby! They had decided to take a last minute flight to NYC and in their rush to pack forgot an address book that would've contained my number. Without that ripped shirt I never would've known that they had come in. I stayed and watched the show, my first time seeing it with an audience, and then we all had a quick lunch. (It's children's theatre and they were going back for the second show in the afternoon.) It was awesome to see the show with the kids, to see what they reacted to, and how worried for the characters they seemed, and doubly so since I was able to see it with my friends!

1 Response to "Using My Powers For Good"

  • Boo Says:

    What a fortunate turn of events. A show seen with kids that is for kids has got to be enlightening in different ways.

    So cool that you ended up meeting your friends!

    And damn, you are fast with a repair.