July 12 of 12

It's 12 of 12 time. This project was initiated by Chad Darnell, and you can see entries from all over the world here. 12 pictures to document the 12th of each day... let's go.

On the way to work. I'm still doing the 9 to 5 thing, (usually 9:30 to 7 is closer to the truth) but probably for only another week or two at best.

Breakfast at the office, iced coffee and an almond croissant.

This is the space I've been working in. Actually I had a sort of cubicle space until two weeks ago when we got a new suite mate in the office. The office manager got bumped, displaced two of the other designers and as the temp they displaced me. Now I work on the side of the flat files and struggle to figure out what to do with my legs at the computer etc. Maybe it's a good thing this job is ending soon.

This is what I'm working on today. The sky drop needs some minor alterations and to be printed, sounds simple right? The file is in real size at 72dpi. Real size is 44 feet x 24 feet. Just opening the file takes almost 45 minutes and every brush stroke takes a minute or two in processing time to finish. It has to be FedExed today. When (if) I finish that I need to color the image in the foreground, another giant drop but this one is being hand painted not printed so the file is more manageable.

The view from the fire escape where I go to chat with Kid Flash every afternoon so as not to disturb the rest of the office.

This is 6:45 and the sky drop is ready to go. That's the print for color matching, the CD with the file is already in the box. The last pickup at the nearest FedEx is 7. I tell the intern to run and keep an eye open for one of the trucks, just in case.

Home again home again. My ubiquitous subway shot. I try to work one of these in every month.

At the grocery to get dinner.

At home my work day isn't over yet. I still have about 20 cards that need to be drawn and then the 50 that I have have to get painted before I can go to bed. It'll be a late night.

A few hours later I go hunting for snacks. Not much to be had really.

The painting is underway!!

Bedtime, a quick shower to get the watercolor off my hands and to cool me down before bed. (It's a bit hot here and I have no A/C.) And that's the end of my day. Tomorrow it's back to the office to paint that second drop, and then I can begin my weekend, which will include derby on Saturday! Yay!

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