Sketch Superhero?

I'm a fanboy. I admit it. In highschool I probably spent more time drawing superheroes in my notebooks than anything else. After that it was always a dream of mine to draw comic books. In my dreams of course I was working for Marvel Comics, (but the Marvel of the early 90's, not the horrendous Marvel of today). Through art school, and now working in theatre though that dream sort of slid off to the side and became less of a priority. But this week it came true... sort of. I've been spending just about every waking hour drawing superheroes this week, for DC Comics, home of Superman and Batman. The project goes like this... the hot new thing in trading cards is to include a "sketch card" an original piece of art that ties in to the set, and is extremely shortpacked (meaning rarer than the standard card). For this set there will be one sketch card in each box of card packs, so about 1 in 25 or 30 packs I'd guess. the theme is DC Legacy and I was given a list of about 50 characters that were available to me to draw, both heroes and villains, and I was free to draw almost any version of the characters from the long rich history of DC Comics. I'm doing 150 cards, pen and ink with watercolor finishes. It's been a blast! The cards are small so there's not a lot of room to huge grand stuff, and the deadline was tight so I was doing lots of bust shots and headshots, but I'm really happy and proud of how they've turned out, and really proud to be doing something like my childhood fantasy job.

6 Response to "Sketch Superhero?"

  • Dorian Says:

    Wow, that's great. I don't usually go for trading cards, but I was thinking of looking into this set, and the sketch cards are a point in its favor. If you tell me there's a Wildcat sketch out there, I may have to hunt for it.

  • Cully Says:

    Sorry Dorian... he's not on the list of available characters. Doesn't mean he isn't in there since we were allowed group shots as long as one of the available guys WAS in there... I still have 50 more cards to draw, maybe I'll throw him in there!

  • Signalite Says:

    So. Freaking. Cool!

    How does one even score a job like that?'

    inconspicuous wink wink nudge nudge.

  • Cully Says:

    Well, it was a little bit of friend-nepotism in my case, though to be honest I've been begging him for work for years and it was the derby illustration I posted a while back that finally tipped the scales. I think most everyone else who is working on the set was found at cons.

  • Linda Says:

    Okay, this looks like a comic-lover's dream come true! What a fantastic and fun project for you -- and it looks AWESOME from here!

  • vinnie Says:

    Amazing Cully!

    How great is this, you're an amazing person and I love that these great things are coming to you.

    With that said, if you don't find the time to draw me the same exact big collar Nightwing that I see in the picture I'll never forgive you...