New Favorite Drink

After giving up sodas a while back I've been trying a wide range of juice and tea drinks with my lunches, everything from Burdock and Dandelion to pomegranate and cherry juice to honeydew melon green tea. Today my new search is over. I've tried Inko's cherry vanilla white tea and enjoyed that, and when I reached for it today I noticed this flavor beside it in the cooler: Honeysuckle. When I visited Japan a while back I fell in love with Kirin Rose Life Tea which is a black tea with milk and sugar flavored with rose water. Minus the milk and sugar this is the same idea, a tea infused with the flavor/aroma of a flower, and it just happens to be one of my most favoritest flowers! I used to spend hours in the woods and fields around my grandmother's house eating the nectar from honeysuckles. Since you only get a drop or two from each flower you really can spend hours collecting it and eating it. Now I have a sophisticated, adult version of that flavor to enjoy and I love it.

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