Derby Poster

My final derby poster for this season. The finals came down to Queens, and the Bronx. Not my ideal line up. Queens was in some ways inevitable they have been the champions for two years running now, and in fact have only been defeated twice in the history of the league, but one of those defeats was by Bronx. So Bronx is my great white hope. I had really wanted to see Brooklyn vs. Queens, but in the end if there is anyone who can take Queens down it's going to be Bronx. I just hope they can keep their emotions in check long enough to make it happen.

The concept with the poster was to make an Art Deco panel like the ones at Rockefeller Center, or any of a dozen other Deco buildings here in the city. In the end it was decided that the pure gold was a bit flat so we added some color to it. Now I think it looks more like a period Olympic poster from the 30's. But hey... it still makes the point!

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