When The Revolution Comes...

First I read this. The PDF linked at that site, which is the report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, could have saved itself a lot of ink and paper by just printing: "We're fucked." a couple dozen times.

Then I read this, which is ostensibly about zombies but is so realistically written in regards to how the public would react to a huge pandemic outbreak and shortages and general world war type conditions that the normal people in the book scared me much more than the zombies did.
Now... I'm all worried and I have this little thread of paranoid obsession wriggling around in my head that I can't quite get rid of.

I'm useless. If (when?) the economy collapses my marketable skills are sort of negligible, and everyone knows that the arts are the first things to get cut. I'm a reasonable builder, I suppose I could pretty easily take up carpentry, and I can roll paint with the best of them but in a depression what new building is going to be occurring? I know how to draft, and I suppose I could shift that knowledge towards architecture rather than theatre with a lot of work (the drafting styles are WILDLY different...) but again, to draft what? In the current political climate I don't see much chance of a CCC, or a WPA type policy being developed. This is how agoraphobia and panic attacks and general mental disorders start, isn't it?

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