12 of 12: Year in Review

I thought I'd do a "Year in Review" type post, going back and looking at my favorite shots from this year. This is the first time in 2 years of participating in this project that I've managed to complete a full year's worth of photos.

I had chosen to crop everything to a landcsape style for this month as my "theme." I love the lights in this shot.

Working in Brooklyn at a puppet studio. My theme was multiples.

Back at the studio in Brooklyn, but this time building miniatures for a completely different project. My theme was the number 3.

The first of my Travel Day 12 of 12's this year. This time it was to Savannah and my theme was primary colors. This was also the day my camera screwed up and I had to reshoot part of my day.

"These are the people in my neighborhood" addition. One of my favorite shots from the whole year.

Travel Day #2, the last month I had a theme for my shots. This was an awful, awful day of airport HELL.

Working for DC Comics on the DC Legacy Sketch cards. Funny to look back at that one and see that I thought I'd only be at my current job for another week or two.

Subways are kind of a theme around here. I managed to get a subway shot every single month this year, and I considered just using those for this project, but thought that might get boring.

Another of my favorite shots from the year. I think I took about 20 shots of this trying to get the lighting right and to keep myself from shaking enough to blur the pic.

Ted joins the regular cast. He was so tiny!

Another travel day of sorts, but just trains, no planes.

Feels silly to repost a pic I just posted yesterday, but I wanted to keep it clean. I had a semi-theme of shiny metal this month.

Here's to another year!

2 Response to "12 of 12: Year in Review"

  • Dogeared Says:

    I remember Ted joining you - very cute! And I like how you had a theme each month :-)

    Helen (Dogeared)

  • Susan Says:

    that August shot is gorgeous! totally worth the trouble!! not sure I could handle having a theme for myself each month. sometimes getting 12 (or 13) is a stretch on its own!