Murry Christmas Ya'll!!

Christmas 2007! I'm tempted to write something in the vein of a "family newsletter" type entry here, we've spent the day reading Kid Flash's family ones and regaling in the tales of "button bucks" that got shot and bake sales that were attended, but I don't think I could ever match the sheer brilliance of them, so I won't try.

KF let me be in charge of the Christmas tree this year, after much discussion we decided on birds and snow as the theme decor, and this was the result. It's a fetching tree don't you think? I bought new lights this year since I wanted white lights and all he had were colored ones. I got the LED kind, they are supposed to be safer, less fire hazards, brighter, and they used something like 95% less electricity. They are a little odd though, the color is bluer than incandescent bulbs, and they seem more pinpoint-y if that makes sense... less spread on the lights. Better for the environment though, and that's what matters.

This was my haul from the friends this year (1) an X-Men sticker book, (2) The Art and Flair of Mary Blair, (3) some romance manga, (4) the Marvel Comics Guide to New York, (5) a stripy pink shirt, (6) some collapsible reusable grocery bags, (7) Dagoba Chai flavored chocolate, (8) some spiffy (and cute) new drawers, (9) a Japanese miniature tea set, (10) a Sasquatch t-shirt, (11) a hand crocheted doll, (12) a Green Lantern Keychain, (13) some Sun Prints transparencies, (14) skeleton keys skull shaped rubber key caps and (15) "I Can Fly" a Mary Blair Little Golden Book.

It's not pictured here, but I also got a Podcacher geocoin from my Secret Santa at the Podcacher message boards, very fun!

I got Kid Flash an AeroGrow, he loves cooking with fresh herbs, and there's a seed kit for salad greens, which I think is the thing that sold me on it as a gift for him. He could eat salads 24 hours a day and be happy, like a rabbit.

Tomorrow I'm off to SC for the official family Christmas!

1 Response to "Murry Christmas Ya'll!!"

  • Ajo Says:

    The tree was smashing in person -- best of all was the realistic-looking fluffy "snow" made of stuffing fleece.

    Ah, the family newsletters. Quelle horreur! (Yeah, I know, we did it, too. No bucks shot, though, or pot-lucks). Happy New Year to you and Kid Flash!