December 12 of 12 (of 12!)

Another 12 of 12, another travel day! For the third time this year the 12th finds me on a plane on the way out of the city. It's funny how you begin noticing coincidences in your days when you begin this project. To see some of the other participants go here, but enjoy my 12 of 12!

I didn't realize until I started laying these out, but I came close to finding a theme for this month, the way I used to! I need to get back to that... anyway... check out how many of these photos feature some sort of shiny metal.

This is in the elevator, on the way up to my office on 10.

The bell in the lobby area of our offices, look closely and you can see that this one's a self portrait.

Yes... I already replaced my iPod, and that's the box for my replacement gps that arrived with UPS this morning. I was planning on replacing the gps anyway, (can't wait to try this one out while I'm in Florida! It has the new High Sensitivity chip!) but the replacement iPod... that one cost me. I can't face a plane ride without it though.

Lunch! A smörgåsbord smattering from one of the deli hot bars down the street. The eggroll looking thing in the middle was full of wasabi mashed potatoes, and let me tell you... iyt was DELICIOUS!

I spent my day on this. AutaCAD is not my strong suiy, and frankly about the most I know about working in it is how to draw rectangles. My task today was to take this room layout and reconfigure it so that it seats 400 instead of the 900 pictured here, with a different stage, oriented a different way in the room. Normally someone else would do the CAD work, but we are sort of swamped at the moment so I had to tray and tackle it. One of my coworkers is perfectly willing to help and give me pointers, but had several meetings over the course of the day, which left me with my second officemate who is far less helpful, and really likes to lord over me when he knows something I don't. So my day ended up going like this:

Me: How do I save this file?
Officemate: Command S.
M: Yes, I know that. But I can't overwrite the old file.
O: Command shift S.
M: (Trying not to sound exasperated) Yes, I know that. But when I do that a command box comes up and asks me some questions I don't know how to answer.
O: It shouldn't do that.
M: But it does.
O: Your settings are screwed up.
M: (Getting increasingly exasperated even though I'm trying...) Well, we can fix that later, how do I save this now? (He comes over and commandeers my keyboard for a few seconds then walks away without explaining anything.) Where did you save that? What did you do?
O: Wherever the original file was.
M: (With a heavy sigh.) How do I save this file?

This was how my whole day went. Rather than helpfully answer my questions he would rather snipe at me and remind me that he is the office CAD guru. It wasn't pleasant. Sorry... I'll stop ranting.

I left the office at 5:00, on the way to JFK to catch a plane to Orlando. This is the lobby area of the AirTrain where you switch from the subway to the train that runs between terminals at JFK.

Looks like I need terminal 6!

Good bye, NYC! I love flying at night! Just look at that city! I guess JetBlue knows that people tend to take these kinds of shots since they've conveniently branded the engine outside my window. Or maybe they think I'm just so forgetful that I won't remember what carrier I'm using?

The happiest, most rosy cheeked baby I've ever seen. She was perfectly content to smile and wave at whoever would make eye contact with her, and didn't cry a bit. (Thankfully...)

The Orlando version of the AirTrain, the shuttle that takes you from the arrivals area to baggage claim.

HUGE mega-lit tree in the Orlando Airport. I really wanted to shoot to palm tree to contrast with my surroundings from this morning, but I couldn't resist the tree. When I left NYC it was in the 40's. It is 30 degrees warmer in Florida. I'll be "missing" what the Yankee weather guys jovially refer to as a "winter mix" tomorrow. They can have it!
And here we are at BFE Michelle's house in Florida. That's Princess (the dog) and Karl (the cat) who are always happy to see me.

There you go... another 12 of 12. Tomorrow I have meetings regarding the show I'll be designing down here in May, and Saturday I'll be going to visit the Ice! exhibit at Gaylord Palms, which my company designs. I'll likely be working on next year's version. Friday is probably going to be all about caching, and I'll be headed home Sunday.

5 Response to "December 12 of 12 (of 12!)"

  • Susan Says:

    uuugh! my dh is an AutoCad whiz....and DEFINATELY not the butthead in your office! I can't do anything in that program but he is always making me images/whatever in it. totally easy stuff....but not for me!
    glad your flight went so well. I am ipressed that you got a good shot our your window. mine always bite!!

  • Lipp Says:

    Nice shiny theme. I thought mine was going to have a 'round' theme but it didn't progress that way. I love smilin' babies who don't scream.

  • Helen (Dogeared) Says:

    You'd think gurus would want to share their knowledge... ugh!

    (I'm having an equally frustrating day today, covering our desk of four people by myself and also covering quality, and I#ve worked here 3 months!)

    Helen, 12 of 12er, Dogeared

  • Anonymous Says:

    Enjoy your weekend of Florida Winter!

  • Scooter Says:

    Awesome pictures! You're right, that's one happy baby!!!