One of the pleasures of being ahead of schedule is that we have time to do... nothing. The set for the next show is 80% complete at this point, the remaining 20% being mainly a function of needed some specialized construction materials that had to be specially ordered. Friday was the first day of the build and at approximately 2 p.m. we were finished. We spent the rest of the afternoon debating whether we were going hiking or simply going into town for ice cream. (Ice cream won out.) Saturday we took the day off and set out for a small town about an hour from here that we had passed on the way to the campgrounds. It's one of those artistic mountain towns that relies mainly on tourism so the main street is full of kooky shops and small diners. On the way there we spotted a few yard sales and flea markets that we stopped at, ostensibly props shopping but really just killing time. There were a lot of great finds, a working high 8 camera, a box of about 30 8 tracks (that included the soundtrack to the movie Convoy!), a fleece blanket printed with a portrait of Rocky Balboa... and my personal favorite find a board game called RSVP from the makers of Scrabble.

If you can imagine a cross between Scrabble and Connect Four then you might get close to this game. Each player adds letters one at a time with the goal of spelling words, and blocking your opponent from spelling theirs. The fun comes in the fact that words on the horizontal axis are backwards on your opponent's side. There is some fun strategy involved, especially in waiting out your opponent's moves and stealing their words before they can complete them for themselves. It's not quite as seductive a game as the woman on the box makes it appear to be, but fun nonetheless.

Tomorrow I'm headed into the city for a brief trip to do a little sight seeing, run a few errands, and have a job interview for a show that is being produced when I get back into the city. It will be good to be away from the woods briefly and back in civilization.

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