12 of 12: TRAVEL DAY!!

This month my 12 of 12 happens to fall on a travel day when I was headed out to my hometown of Savannah, GA to work on a show that I had designed. My alma mater, (one of them anyway) is there and the theatre department is celebrating their 70th Anniversary so they asked back a bunch of alumni to design and direct and what-not. I started the day with one set of photos, taken on the plane, but the battery died in my camera and they were corrupted in the battery change... something to know for the future, download before changing batteries... So in actually this should be 16 on 12, but I started over when I got to Savannah. My theme for myself this months started on the plane when everything was blue. Blue seats, blue destination boards, blue everything. So I started out with blue as theme. then I got to Georgia and suddenly everything was red, so I just went with primary colors as the theme.

Welcome to Georgia! This was where I suddenly realized that 12 blue shots might be a problem, this is a shop in the airport.

My rental car is red too, so primary colors it is. This rental car is costing me for a week what one costs for a day in NYC.

The first (for this set anyway) blue shot. In NYC it was 35 degrees and sleeting. In Savannah it was 85 degrees and simply gorgeous.

Lunch! I don't know which excited me more, that I could order sweet tea without a hassle, or that it was from Chi-fil-a.

My first yellow shot a vending machine in the mall outside th Chic-fil-a.

Savannah has flowers too, everything is in bloom and already green, definitely another difference from the city.

In the theatre at the school, the big blue monster. I have no idea why the theatre is this color but it always has been, and they never let me change it.

In the shop at the theatre. Its funny how little has changed in the 6 years since I ran the place. My handwriting is still all over the place and tools I bought are still around. It's very nostalgic.

One of my first duties was to go and buy paint for the set. (Nothing onset is actually any of these colors but I needed another blue shot.)

Back at the theatre it's time to change into the paint clothes.

Backstage in the costume storage area I found my final red shot.

On the way to my prof's house, (where I'm staying) we stop off for provisions and I find my last yellow shot. Grocery stores are so freaking huge here! I had forgotten how wide the aisles are and how well stocked they are compared to Manhattan.

This project is based on an idea created by Chad Darnell, you can view other people's 12 of 12 shots here.

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