Workin' It Dolly Style

And by Dolly Style I mean 9 to 5. Yes, it's true, for the next 6 weeks or so I will be working a standard 9 to 5 shift. It's still theatre related, I am assisting on a tour production of "Gypsy" but since the designer I'm assisting has a studio and employees, standard office hours apply. I've done the 9 to 5 thing a few times in the past, temping or doing corporate work, but it is still an adjustment to the system. Left to my own means I usually get to bed about 3 or 4, (that's a.m. mind you) and get up around 10 or 11. Being in an office downtown means I have to be on a train by 8:15, which mean out of bed by 7:30 or so. Not exactly my kind of hours. The good news is that this puts me much closer to the hours that Kid Flash keeps so going to bed at 10:30 when he normally does doesn't seem so strange. Still it's going to take some getting used to. New York city is a whole different place early in the mornings. The trains are more crowded, with commuters, but the streets are emptier. I also find it a bit mystifying that anyone would buy and egg and cheese on a roll from a street vendor, even if it is only $1.50. Hot dogs are one thing, they aren't even real meat, but dairy? Uhm... no thanks. Two days in and I also already have the office rhythm down. In at 9, coffee and email for a half hour, look around at the other projects and what everyone else did yesterday, settle in at your own desk for a while, shuffle some papers... nothing really seems to get rolling until after 10. Is that normal? Anyway... I'll be at this for a long while... so I'm sure I'll figure it all out.

6 Response to "Workin' It Dolly Style"

  • Dingle Says:

    What?!? I love those egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches bought on the street! I was in NYC for two days and you bet I had one of those delicious breakfast treats! :) It is one of the things that I miss most about NYC. And no, I have not ever gotten sick, not once! hehe

  • Anonymous Says:

    who are you working for?

  • Cully Says:

    I'm assisting a designer on a touring show. He has a studio downtown where he keeps about 5 or 6 guys busy drafting and drawing for him.

  • Vinnie Says:

    So this means you can't blog?

  • Anonymous Says:

    I was hoping for a name, I wondered if it was someone I knew.

  • Cully Says:

    Kevin, I try to keep names of theatres and people that I work for off of this space, just a personal choice. Email me and I'll tell you if you are really curious.