My Last Pepsi

Long long ago, and far far away I gave up caffeine. This was during art school when I was working the over night shift at a hotel and then going to classes all day. I realized eventually that I was drinking an ENORMOUS amount of coffee, like 8 of the larger take out cops a day. (Vente in today's Starbucks parlance.) So I gave it up. Cold turkey I went off caffeine, no coffee, no tea, no soda. That actually lasted for several years until I slowly allowed it back into my life. Even now I am sort of careful about coffee and only really drink it when I "need" it. Soda on the other hand has always been a weakness for me. I try to limit myself to one 20 oz. soda a day, but that is often not the case. I know that it's bad for me. I know that it contains too much sugar. I know that it is part of the reason that I am... well... let's say "a bit plump" and leave it at that. So yesterday I decided: NO MORE SODA. I had one Pepsi in the fridge which I polished off with my dinner last night and today... no Pepsi. I passed the first test when I stopped by a store while shopping today to grab something to drink and chose water. It was a struggle for a moment, I reached for the Pepsi out of habit, but stopped myself and went for the water instead. Granted it was some fruit flavored water from Tropicana, but still... 40 calories as opposed to the nearly 250 in a 20oz Pepsi... and 4 grams of sugar instead of 69. I'll take it.

1 Response to "My Last Pepsi"

  • vinnie Says:

    Good for you, when I gave up soda I lost ten pounds and my skin cleared up reall nicely. that was about four or five years ago.

    today I drink maybe on 20 oz bottle a week - and only ginger ale - and I don't miss it at all.

    If you want the fizz, grab a flavored seltzer.

    Good for you.