I Barely Know Myself Anymore

This morning I was starving on the way to work and I stopped by one of the ubiquitous cofee trucks on the street corner by my office to grab a muffin. I asked for an apple muffin, which I have gotten from ths truck before so I wasn't worried. I got up to the office and discovered that it was a banana muffin.

Anyone that knows me knows that I HATE bananas. I have since I was a kid. I don't like the texture, I don't like the flavor, I just find the whole package distasteful.

But I ate the muffin. I ate it because I was late alredy, and I didn't want to go back down to get another one, and because I was starving. I ate it... and... it wasn't bad. In fact I might have actually enjoyed it a bit. Have I been wrong all these years? Do I actually LIKE bananas? Or have my tastes changed? I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle a fully fresh fruit right out it's slimy yellow wrapper, but... maybe it isn't so bad for them to be in my food anymore.

What has the world come to?

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