May 12 of 12

It's the 12th! That means it's time for another 12 of 12! This is based on an idea created by Chad Darnell, 12 photos to document the 12th of each month. I up the ante a bit by creating a theme for myself. This month: These Are The People In My Neighborhood!

About 10:30 I leave Kid Flash's apartment. (That's his elbow.)

This is my Super, Maggie, in the lobby of my building. She's always friendly. She's lived in this neighborhood for so long that there's a park named after her down the block.

First task for the day: laundry. I usually try not to do this on the weekends because it's super busy at the laundromat, but it wasn't bad today.

After that I head downtown for some fun. I liked the green shirts of these ladies against the green trees. It was a beautiful day, a tiny bit chilly.

In the subway station, waiting for my train. Since there are two levels at my station a lot of people wait on the stairs in-between so that they can catch whichever train arrives first.

The movie theatre. I saw Waitress. It's a cute movie. It was interesting because all of the characters are such broad caricatures yet they somehow become real over the course of the movie.

A hot dog vendor outside the theatre.

Starbucks. I left the house in a tee shirt but the temp dropped pretty fast so I swung through for something warm to drink.

I also stopped by K-Mart. I need a pair of swim trunks for the summer, something that I haven't owned in years.

The booth attendant at the subway station.

On the way home.
Back in my own neighborhood I snagged a slice of pizza from a place around the corner, and that's it. End of the day. Next month I'll probably be late posting for this, but it should be a fun one since it will be another travel day and I'll be on the way to Prague!

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