Bloggery Is Hard.

Well, I have just turned into a piss poor blogger haven't I? Sorry, I do apologize. After 10 days in Savannah where net connections were often iffy, and the starting this 9 to 5 lifestyle (usually more like 9:30 to 6:15 frankly) I've just been off my game. I'm trying to settle my life back into a routine but it's weird. Plus... my transit times are off, so there are MANY more people on the train than when I used to ride it, so I have trouble sketching. I have steady work that is enjoyable. I have a boyfriend that I love and adore. What the hell am I supposed to blog about? All the usually bitchy whiny-ness of my life seems to have settle ditself out. I'll try to do better in the coming days, I promise. I have three sketches that have been languishing in my sketch book, (two of which were done before I left for Savannah), but I've been too lazy a fuckwit to scan them. I'll get there, I'll get there.

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