12 of 12: TRAVEL DAY!!

12 of 12 for June is another travel day! This time to Prague!! I was VERY excited about this trip, I am taking my mom, for her first trip outside the US and going to see an international theatre festival, which is awesome. No theme for me this month since the day is a theme in and of itself. For reference this project was created by Chad Darnell, and you can see more entries at his blog.
Getting ready, doing the last few minutes of packing and gathering. This is the view into my suitcase. That's my "big" camera, not the one I use for this project.

My other last minute preperation, printing up materials for geocaching. there are a TON in Prague.

Quick lunch. Our flight is at 7:45, but it's an 1:30 travel time to the airport on the subway, (I refuse to pay a taxi $50.) and since it is an international flight they ask us to check in 3 hours in advance.

Mom and Mark just before we head out.

About 2 hours later we make it to the AirTrain the connection between the subway and the airport.

In line at the SwissAir check in. We waited here for 45 minutes before we realized that this wasn't the line we had to be in. That laine was around the corner out of our line of sight.

In the terminal you can begin to see the problems ahead. That's our plane in the distance. It is half an hour past boarding.

We finally board an hour late, and begin to push back. We don't get very far.

Two hours on the runway. We have now officially missed our connecting flight from Geneva to Prague, no matter how fast this plane flies.

Mom entertains herself reading guide books while we wait out taking off.

The flight info on screen at the time of our take off, about 11:30. We still have a long way to go, and problems to deal with when we get there.

Midnight in NYC by my watch, so the 12th is officially over. As you can see we didn't make it very far. When we arrived in Geneva we were told that there were no more direct flights to Prague for the day. We flew to Zurich where they took my carry-on away, saying it was too large, even though I had already carried it on once. A few minutes later I realized my boarding passes for the next flight were in it, so in Zurich that took some dealing with because we had paper tickets, not electronic ones due to the snafu earlier. We finally arrive in Prague at 8pm the next day, and even though in real time we had been traveling for 24 hours counting the train, we were only 6 hours behind schedule in Prague.

Check back later in the week for Prague photos, adventure tales, and sketches!!

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