Derby opens this weekend! (Yay!!) Bluebonnet Plague, who is head of the derby outreach program emailed me in a bit of a panic. They are working on the color souvenir brochure that they produce each year and they needed a cover. I had produced an image for them last month that will be used for one of the bout posters (the one that occurs while I'm in Prague, alas!) and they were very happy with it, so they asked if I would be willing to produce a new piece for the cover. Even though I am swamped with work right now I said yes, and took a few hours out of my weekend to get it done.

Here is the result. I'm pretty proud of it. This isn't the final image, I need to add a background, and the cover text, etc. but I just wanted to show off a little in advance. This is also the first piece I've colored using my new Wacom tablet. It had a bit of a learning curve, but I think I'm getting it down now, and I'm beginning to wonder how I ever colored projects with a mouse!

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