The Tailor Shop

These are shots of the set I've been building for the stop motion movie. The location for this shot is a run-down tailor shop. I built about 95% of what's in the photo, except for a few minor detail pieces like the irons, the bucket, the whisk broom, stuff like that. This is all at 1 1/2" = 1' scale, meaning that a 6' tall person would be 7 1/2" tall in this room. It's really a great deal of fun, I love doing work like this. Today I built an upright piano for next set, a music store down the street from this location.

5 Response to "The Tailor Shop"

  • Deborah Says:

    This is great! You must have lots of patience and a steady hand. Very realistic.

  • gingermoggy Says:

    Cully! These are just so lovely. clever you! At college as a (MATURE!) student, I was introduced to the joys of mens period tailoring!!! (Doublets, frock-coats etc)Ah yes.... many a joyful night spent on the underside of a collar !!! (anyone who's ever constructed a morning coat by hand will know what I mean here!!!) This little room brings it all back!!! Jules

  • phthaloblu Says:

    Cully, these are just awesome pics! The detail! Wow, very impressive. They're so realistic, if you wouldn't have described the scale, I would've thought they were full size. Even thye little hangers, and right down to the mousetrap on the floor. Well done!

  • Linda Says:

    These are great! I had guessed from your e-mail to EDM that you were maybe making shrubbery costumes ...

  • Jana Bouc Says:

    These are so cool! I didn't realize until you explained and showed these that set design could also be in miniature. What fun. It reminds me of playing paper dolls when I was a little girl. We'd draw and cut out the dolls and then design clothes and scenes for them and act out little stories in their outfits and settings that always involved living arrangements without parents.