March 12 of 12

Another month, another 12 of 12. This is based on a project originally started by Chad Darnell over at his blog. I added my own wrinkle to it by theming my twelve photos every month.

Off to work! The MTA, by the way didn't get the memo on Daylight Savings Time, cause I was still in bed at 8:30. At this point I didn't have a theme yet, but history in this project has taught me to start taking pictures early. In fact I had already taken one shot before this that I left on the cutting room floor because it didn't fit the theme that emerged.

I arrive in Brooklyn and head down to the studio. After taking this shot I became aware of what the eventual theme would be. Can you guess it yet?

The front door of the studio.

At work on more miniature rooms. This one is almost complete, I'll post some fuller pics of it in a few days.

At the studio I often go out onto the roof to spray paint things, or use spray adhesives. This is the view from the roof looking toward Manhattan (not that you can see Manhattan at all...).

The side of the building from the roof. (You really should have figured out the theme by now.)

Alas, I haven't seen it yet... but I couldn't pass it up as a shot.

On the way home I stopped by Herald square so I could look for a book at the Border's that just opened by Penn Station, unfortunately they didn't have it in stock.

So... I stopped by the one at Columbus Circle too. They didn't have it either. I guess I'll be ordering it online.

After giving up on the book it was off towards home.

The theme appropriate door in my apartment building.

And... dinner time. Tonight's feast was chicken taquitos and some broccoli.

See you next month!

6 Response to "March 12 of 12"

  • Anonymous Says:


    That Borders is really good about getting special orders. I love it!! (When they were really new, they'd even call early on I got something on Monday that wasn't supposed to be released until the next day.)

  • Steffi Says:

    really nice pictures!!

  • CondoBlogger Says:

    the shot of the front door of the studio is my favorite.. but the view towards Manhattan is great too... then there's the subway shot which I like... I guess those would be my three favorites. :)

  • Dogeared Says:

    I guessed the theme on photo 2! *bounces* whatdoIwin,whatdoIwin? ;-)

    Nice photos, and I like the theme idea!

  • Claudine Says:

    the subway pic at the end is really cool, all of them are really neat! I love how you picked a theme.. I may need to do that next time :)

  • Zippy Says:

    Like the whole "theme" thing - very cool just to see what comes up. Nice pics!