August: 12 of 12

The 12th of August is upon is, so it's time for the 12 of 12, a project conceived by Chad Darnell. To see all the participants, check here.

I had nearly 75 shots to choose from today, a first for me, so I'll skip ahead to about 10 o'clock. My sister and I visited the SC State Archives today, continuing my family research. This was one of the other researchers at work today. Isn't she great?

There is something just so... comfortable about a microfilm machine. Simple, functional, beautiful. I came out of the archives with nearly $25 worth of photocopies.

Do you think SC is proud of its flag? This display was in the gift shop of the Archives.

Now THIS is a meal... a Pimento Cheeseburger. Standard cheeseburger with Pimento Cheese rather than a slice of American. Delicious!!

After lunch we went by Riverbanks Zoo, one of my sister's favorite destinations. I loved this elephant with the straw on his head. Because of the naturally red clay in the dirt in SC all of the elephants' skin is stained red.

My sister at the penny smasher, she collects them and was very excited to see that this machine had been fixed since it was the only one in the zoo that she didn't have all of the pennies from.

Feeding goats at the petting zoo.

A tiny dinosaur outside the bird house. I was a bit amazed that they made such an overt display of Evolutionary science at the bird house. I would have thought that would be taboo around here.

One of the gorillas sat at the very front of their enclosure, watching what was going on in the "human display" I like to believe.

My sister's cat Hansa, isn't he a handsome fellow?

My uncle gave me a briefcase full of family research that he had collected before I started. I have to return it to him tomorrow so tonight I took it to Kinkos to copy the useful stuff out of that. Another $10 in copies.

Back at my sister's I settle in to catch up on Project Runway Australia that's Mark, my favorite player, who was unfortunately eliminated tonight.

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