My flight was supposed to leave at 4:55. It is just past 7. My camera is in my hand, but my cable to get the pics off is in my suitcase. The wireless is intermittent, I don't even know if I'll be able to post this. They just updated the flight board and it seems I won't be taking off until 7:55 now. The guy beside me is beginning to get angry, loudly proclaiming that he won't be boarding the plane until the last possible second, because, hey, JetBlue made him wait, so he is going to make them wait.

This may in fact be hell.

UPDATE: I did not in fact get this to post from the JFK waiting area (as you can tell.) I am now at my destination and publishing from there. We were delayed again on the tarmac because just after the Captain announced that we were second in line for take off a nitwit of a woman got up to use the bathroom. Because she wasn't in her seat and the flight attendant notified the Captain we had to pull out of the line up to take off, and by the time she was safely buckled in again we were much further back in the line. I DO love traveling.

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