One of the goals of my trip home was to attend a family reunion, for my paternal side of the family. It was for the descendants of great grandfather, who had 7 children, and it spread from there. The thing is, other than my great aunts and uncles... there were probably 100 people in the room whom I had never laid eyes one, not in 36 years of living. To begin with I'm not the greatest at small talk with strangers, but somehow knowing that I shared DNA with these particular strangers made it even more stressful.

So I did what any good Southern boy would do, and I focused on the food. There was quite an array of it, and it was all quite good, more cheese and vegetables and fried things than you can shake a stick at, but still good.

In the end the reunion went very smoothly, everyone was friendly, and I even cleared up a couple family mysteries for my genealogy quest, and added a few pieces of family gossip and lore to the stores.

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