Central Park Adventures

I was in Central Park today for a geocaching event, and as I walked through something caught my eye. On the south side of the path that I was on there was a wedding taking place. It looked very sweet, the bridesmaids were all wearing white summer dresses and fairy wings. As I walked closer I noticed a photographer on the north side of the path, with a little group of people crowded around him, but the closer I got the clearer it became that he wasn't involved with the wedding, and all of his attention was focused on a pedicab. When I passed I saw why, there in the cab, not 40' from where a wedding was taking place, was a completely nude woman, posing for the photographer. How they were getting away with this at 1 in the afternoon I'll never know, know will I understand why they chose that locale for the shots. The wedding guests didn't seem to have noticed though, and everyone seemed content to go about their days. New York City I guess, what else can I say?

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